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Meal Prep

Delicious Meal Prep Delivery 

Stop Think Chew’s Holistic Meal Prep Program grew from a demand for fully prepared whole-food meals. Our weekly meal prep delivery service is designed for individuals, couples or families in order to make eating local, whole foods easier and more convenient.

We believe that eating good food should not be difficult, and that making the choice to eat foods that nourish your body, community and the planet should be a simple and convenient choice. We take the hard work out of cooking by bringing fully-prepared, nutrient dense meals directly to you.

You can choose from our rotating menu of brekkie, bowls, salads, entrees, and sides, and mix and match vegetables and proteins to meet your preferences. We have a range of foods from gluten free, vegan options, to dishes for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. All dishes list ingredients and allergens.

Our core principles guide our meal prep menus- from start to finish. From sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging that support our local farmers, whole-foods, nutrient density in every meal, and from scratch cooking. The people who grow our food are as important as our clients, and we know that those ingredients shine through from start to finish.

We want eating this way to be simple:

No clean up for you!
Enjoy from-scratch meals without any mess
Freshly prepared, never frozen
Fully prepared, just heat up according to instructions
6-8 new menu items per week
Nutritionally balanced, nutrient dense meals
Options for Vegans, Gluten Free, Meat Eaters and Pescatarians


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