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“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients” - Julia Child.  

The wise words of Julia Child sum up the philosophy behind STC’s Holistic Meal Prep. It is designed to serve both individuals and families looking for well-balanced, flavorful, whole-food meals that support health and wellness. We are committed to providing options for vegans and meat-lovers alike. 

Our ingredient commitment includes Grass-fed Beef, Springer Mountain Chicken, Wild Sustainably Caught Fish, and Local Whenever Possible. More than 70% of meals are made using locally sourced vegetables, and when not local we prioritize organic. 

We focus on scratch cooking, which means our beans are not canned, our veggies are fresh—never frozen—and we make as much as we possibly can in house. Quality is a priority and while we keep things simple, it takes many hands to ensure that your food is up to this standard.

We are also committed to paying our team living wages, especially during these times, and continue to support our farmers as well as local artisans.



Born in South Africa, but raised in Georgia, Julia Kesler Imerman’s cross-continental background influences her cooking-style and approach to food. Today, Julia owns Stop Think Chew, a holistic food company that focuses on providing healthy, delicious and locally-sourced food to customers. Stop Think Chew offers a weekly meal-prep delivery service, catering services, and wholesale products including dips, dressings, and soups.

Julia Kessler of Stop Think Chew

Julia started Stop Think Chew in 2017 as a side business, providing private chef services to a select group of families in Atlanta. From this small start, Julia added small-event and corporate catering. Beginning in Spring of 2020, Julia partnered with Fresh Harvest, one of Atlanta’s largest local grocery delivery services, to provide fully prepared healthy bowls and salads to their network of customers. Stop Think Chew then added additional wholesale clients like Garnish and Gather, moved into a new production facility at Prep Atlanta, and began selling wholesale bakery items to Brash Coffee’s Atlanta area locations.

As the wholesale side of the business grew and Stop Think Chew’s products gained visibility in the marketplace, demand for a full-service, weekly meal prep service became evident. In late 2020, Stop Think Chew launched its weekly meal prep platform.

Julia and her team believe in a simple philosophy, that the best food starts with great ingredients. When you use whole, locally sourced ingredients as the basis of a dish, not too much manipulation needs to occur because it tastes just as it should. This philosophy is the foundation of each Stop Think Chew dish.